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Welcome to Get Real Landscaping - Forster / Tuncurry landscaping professionals

Garden Design Services

Get Real Landscaping consider good design elements are essential for a garden that will look better as the years go by. We work with design fundamental within our clients needs.

It can be useful to consider the following elements when considering the garden that suits you:
  • What do you look at in other gardens?
  • How big an area are you dealing with?
  • What is your knowledge of garden maintenance?
  • Do you need room for disability, play or domestic necessities?
  • Do you have favourite plants?
  • What plants do you dislike or are a health risk to you?
  • Would you consider having your garden maintained for you?
Some examples of garden styles
  • Formal
  • Cottage
  • Natural
  • Balinese
  • Zen/ minimalist
The process
  1. You can choose a garden style from one of the above or mix to some degree. Look in magazines especially dedicated to landscaping as against garden magazines. They emphasise the overall appearance of a garden rather that the horticultural nature of plants. This is a good place to start.
  2. Consider what hard landscape is necessary e.g. paving, lawn edging, paths, screening, pergolas and outdoor rooms, retaining walls and stairs.
  3. Now you can dedicate the various sections of your garden for each purpose. Work on how many square metres you would like for paving (20sqm is a good starting point).

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